Custom Acoustic Panel Sound Proof Padding Wall Panels

Custom Acoustic Panel Sound Proof Padding Wall Panels

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel, also known as glass wool, is called polyester fiber sound-absorbing board. It is a kind


Basic Info.
Edge Square
Certification CE, ISO
Color Gray
Transport Package 12 Pack
Specification 24"x 24" x 2"
Trademark 3C
Origin China
HS Code 392069000
Production Capacity 200, 000sqm/Month
Product Description
Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel, also known as glass wool, is called polyester fiber sound-absorbing board. It is a kind of material with sound absorption function made of polyester fiber by hot pressing. Generally used in engineering noise reduction: automotive engine, engineering motor seal to reduce noise. Very good mitigation for high frequency and high decibel noise. It is a noise reduction material with sound absorption function made of polyester fiber as raw material and hot-pressed. Can create a quiet working and living space. The construction is simple, and various shapes can be changed by woodworking tools.Material PropertiesAcoustic Panel Fabric is hot-pressed and made in the shape of cocoon cotton to achieve density diversity and ensure ventilation. It is an excellent product in sound absorption and heat insulation materials. The highest sound absorption coefficient in the noise range of 125 ~ 4000HZ is above 0.9. Need to shorten the adjustment of reverberation time, remove sound impurities, improve sound effects, and improve speech intelligibility. The product has the characteristics of heat insulation, flame retardant, light body, easy processing, stability, impact resistance, easy maintenance, etc.Data Sheet
sound-absorption coefficient (NRC)0.94 aw
formaldehyde content determination≤8.0mg ≤1.5mg/l
Volume density(KG/m3)229
Standard size(mm)1220*2420*9

Material CharacteristicsSound Absorption PerformanceAcoustic Panels have similar sound absorption characteristics as other porous materials. The sound absorption coefficient increases with increasing frequency. The high-frequency sound absorption coefficient is very large. The back cavity and the sound-absorbing body formed by it can greatly improve the Sound absorption performance. The noise reduction coefficient is about 0.8 to 1.10, which makes it a high-efficiency sound-absorbing body in a wide frequency band.Physical And Mechanical PropertiesPolyester Fiber Acoustic Panel Fabric has sound-absorbing, heat-insulating and heat-insulating properties, and the material of the board is uniform and solid, flexible, tough, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, difficult to scratch, and large size available(9×1220×2440 mm)Diverse productsPolyester Fiber Sound-Absorbing Panels are available in more than 40 colors and can be spelled into various patterns. The surface shapes are flat, square (mosaic), wide, and thin. The plate can be bent into a curved shape. Makes the indoor body shape design more flexible and effective. You can even copy art paintings on a polyester fiber sound-absorbing board through a computer.Fire PerformanceAcoustic Panel Ceiling Tiles has been tested by the National Fire Detection Center for fire resistance parameters, and the results show that it has better fire resistance and meets the national standard GB8624B1 level requirements.SafetyThe safety of polyester fiber acoustic quiet panel is manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, the materials have excellent mechanical properties. They are lightweight and will not produce fragments or broken pieces like brittle materials such as perforated gypsum boards and cement fiber pressure boards after impact damage The block is in danger of falling. On the other hand, the release of harmful substances has been tested by the relevant state departments, and its formaldehyde emission standard requires ≤1.5 mg/ 1, and the test result is 0.05 mg/ 1. It meets the national standard GB18580-2001E1 level requirements, and meets the direct use area for personnel operations.Easy to cleanEasy dust removal and simple maintenance. For dust and impurities, just flick with a vacuum cleaner and duster. Dirty areas can also be wiped with a towel and water and detergentApplicationacoustic panel backing material is suitable for mining operations, construction sites, motor muffler, large equipment operating environment and other places with strict acoustic requirementsShanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd is one if leading acoustic panel board manufacturer in China. If you have more interest, please contact our sales team for more information.Our Factory:3C Floor Industrial was founded in 2003, we specializing in PVC Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Quickfix Floor, WallPanel and new decorative materials with two manufacture headquarters located in Shanghai and Zhejiang. Our products has been widely used in the airport, hospital, university, kindergarten, shopping mall, office and so on.Our products not only sell well in domestic market, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The key cases such as university of Macao, most of 2010 Shanghai Expo pavilions, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Pinan Bank. 3C flooring participate in the establishment of national PVC flooring industry standard GB-T11982.2, in order to promote the development of PVC flooring in China and the world. The company gained the titl " National HighTech Enterprise" for several years and won the logo "Shanghai Famous Brand" in 2012.

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